"So Kawaii"


In Japanese the adjective Kawaii (ka-WAI-ee) translates to "Cute, Pretty, Charming, Dear, and Pet" and has sparked an entire colorful "Kawaii Culture" based on all things adorable; pastel colored inatimate objects with cute happy faces, doll-like fashion and music straight out of a Hello Kitty cartoon. 


About ten years ago the first cat cafes began popping up in Tokyo and since, the concept has spread to countries world wide including England, Austrailia, Canada, Taiwan and recently, the United States with the first locations opening in Oakland, Portland, and New York City. When it came time to start planning Philadelphia's first cat cafe, it only seemed appropriate that we pay tribute to the roots of the conecpt and honor the Japanese "Kawaii" culture that started it all. 

Cats Don't Belong in Cages


Our cat lounge is filled with cat friendly furniture, toys, nip and of course, cardboard boxes. We have teamed up with the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to provide a safe and friendly living enviornment for our kitties. They can live a long, happy, healthy life in our cafe with all the care and companionship they need. For more information on P.A.W.S. Philadelphia, click the logo to the right - or clicke HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I bring my cat to the cafe?

This is probably our most frequently asked question. The answer sadly, is no. Although we would love to meet Mr. Mittens, you will not be able to bring him to the cafe.  All of our cats will be pre-screened to ensure they get along with each other and humans. Many of them may even be siblings from a common litter and introducing a new cat to the mix could be seen as intrusive to the cat "family." Diseases spread quickly among cats and are usually hard to treat.  By not allowing outside animals we will be sure all of our kitties are happy and healthy.  We would however LOVE to see pictures and videos of your cats! 


What is a cat cafe?

A cat cafe is exactly what it sounds like. A cafe that provides a safe, clean, happy and cage-free environment for kitties of all shapes and sizes. It's a place where you can curl up with a book in your hand and kitty in your lap! Cat cafes offer a unique experience for both cats and humans!  Cats will be able to live in the cafe free of cages and spoiled by you and our staff. They also provide an opportunity for some stress relief! Cuddling and petting cats is scientifically proven to lower your heart rate! The concept began in Asia and quickly spread to the UK and now the United States! 


Wait, is this legal?

Yes! We have the approval from the Philadelphia Health Department. Our cafe will be split into two separate areas: the cafe and the cat lounge. No cats will be allowed into the cafe, but you are free to bring your food and drink into the cat lounge. 


I'm allergic to cats. Can I still enjoy the cafe?

Absolutely! When you walk through the front door you will be in the cafe. You have the option to not enter the cat lounge if you choose. There will be tables and chairs in the cafe so you can still enjoy our delicious coffee and menu without interacting with our kitties. 

Do I need a reservation?

We recommend making one. Our cat lounge will have limited space and will fill up fast. Our website features a reservation system where you can reserve and pre-pay for your time with the cats. This is mainly for the mental health of our furry friends. Cats can get overwhelmed and nervous with too many people coming and going. Our goal is to keep our cats happy and as comfortable as possible. After all, the cafe will be their home and they need time to rest. To make a reservation CLICK HERE.


Do I have to pay to get into the cat lounge?

Yes. We will charge $11 for an hour in the cat lounge. This will assist in taking care of our cats by providing them with food, toys, litter and medical care. We also offer $6 half hours for walk-in's only on a first come first served basis. 

Do I get the entire cat lounge to myself with my $11 donation fee?

No. We have nine bookings available per hour. Be prepared to join others in the room. You are more than welcome to book all 0 slots yourself or for a group of friends - but they will cost $11 each. 

Is there an age limit?

Yes. No one under the age of 5 will be allowed in the cat room. In addition, anyone under the age of 14 will not be admitted without an adult over 18.


Our kitties must be treated kindly and with respect to keep them happy and healthy. Following these simple rules will ensure a positive experience for both you and our cats.

  1. Don't pull a cat's tail, ears, whiskers or fur. Ouch! 

  2. Don't wake a sleeping kitty.  Instead, take a picture of one! They're so cute when they sleep. 

  3. Never attempt to pick up a kitty. Ask a staff member to help!  Some cats don't like to be held. While others will like to cuddle with you! 

  4. Take lots of pictures but without the flash. Cats have extremely sensitive eyes that can see in the dark. Flash photography can damage cat's eyes. 

  5. Don't give human food to cats. Our cats are well fed and many of the food products and beverages in the cafe, like coffee for example, can make a cat sick. 

  6. No children under 5 years old. Anyone uner 14 will not be admitted without an adult over 18. 

  7. Enter the cat lounge at your own risk. Even though cats are cuddly and adorable, they are still animals and may scratch or bite!

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